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The Most Effective Places To Capture The Island Sunset On Oahu

One of the most beautiful scenes that Oahu has to offer is the image of our tropical sunset. The gorgeous reds, deep purples, bright yellows, and strong oranges, produce the Hawaiian sunset a well liked subject for any aspiring photographer. Throw in the jet black silhouette of a fishing boat, exotic palm tree, or maybe some canoe paddlers training for their next regatta also you have got yourself an image really worth bragging about. In this article I will share with the best family beach in Hawaii to go to capture these images.

To shoot excellent photos of the island sunset, you have to head over to the west aspect of the island. Just keep heading west on the H1 freeway until you come to the Koolina Resort, a 5 star resort located just outside the city of Kapolei. It’s a fantastic spot to get photos of our Hawaiian sunsets (there is a great golf course there too). On the resort property are 4 male made lagoons which are ready to accept the general population. Between these lagoons are walkways that have plants and avocado trees bordering them. This is precisely where you want to set up. Make sure you bring the tripod of yours and whatever lenses or maybe filters you might need. Find a spot where by you have a clear view of the horizon together with any silhouettes that you plan to shoot. As soon as you’re set up, simply relax and hang on for the show. But don’t forget to fill the picture.

Now there certainly are other spots down the entire west coast of the island that you are able to make use of to shoot beautiful pictures of the exotic sunset. These spots include Nanakuli Beach Park, Maili Beach Park, Pokai Bay Beach Park, Makua Cave and Yokohama Bay. Nonetheless, in case you decide to go to these locations, please be so careful and remain aware of your environment. This particular area of the island is exactly where many of the homeless and reduced income locals live. A wandering tourist carrying a high-priced camera or maybe an unattended vehicle with photography gear in its back seat might be too much of a temptation for some of these characters.